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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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thanks for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. international investigators at the scene of the crash site of flight ma-17. but is the investigation being compromised? so far 190 bodies have been recovered from eastern ukraine. however, more than 100 bodies are missing. european observe ser vers were given more access to the site but always accompanied by
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heavily armed rebels. many in the international community worry they've removed important piece ooze of evidence. >> we have the ability to see more of this rather large scene. we have ob served the situation as it has been presented to us. >> a moral obligation to ensure that the remains of all victims are recovered and treated with respect. >> the nbc news shot video of one of the rebels driving away from the crash site with a truckload of bodies about. a rebel spokesman says the plan is to keep the bodies safe in order to return them to relatives later on. >> new details into the crash. u.s. officials confirming russia most likely supplied the missile launcher that may have brought down the jetliner. according to the ukrainian government, these photos show one launcher in eastern ukraine. one of the missiles is missing. all three were driven back into
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russia. u.s. officials suspect rebel trainers either fired the missile or at least gave the command to shoot the plane down. new reports tonight as well as into possible looting here involving victims of the airlines crash. dutch bank officials say looters may be using victims' credit cards. bank officials are taking steps to prevent fraud and will reimburse the victim's family for any abuse. 193 of the 298 passengers who died in the crash were dutch. >> the loss of the victims on flight 17 is being felt right here in the bay area. a group of aids advocates were on the flight en route to an international meeting of experts. with the state's largest aids fund raiser planned for tomorrow, aids walk san francisco is changing its program to remember those lost. derek shore is live at golden gate park with more on that. derek in. >> terry, you can see the stage is set for tomorrow's aids walk san francisco. this as six people who worked so
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tirelessly to fight this disease are now being remembered and mourned. the chairs going up, the barriers put in place. aids walk an sfaengs coming together today for tomorrow's big event. >> aids walk san francisco is always a powerful mix of emotions. >> while the state's fund-raiser is used to bittersweet memories of those they've lost to the disease, this year some of the loss comes as a result of a tragedy half a world away, the crash of flight 17 in eastern ukraine. >> a big and important and sad occurrence. >> aids walk san francisco founder craig miller says the community is reeling on board that flight six hiv/aids advocates who were killed. including former international aid society president dr. joep lange who dedicated his life and research to helping find a cure. >> we will be dedicating our program to the courage and vision and determination of those researchers. >> i think the entire hiv/aids
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community is profoundly affected. >> dayne nap van gorder is with project impact, the main beneficiary, a group dedicated to research and prevention. he and san francisco mayor ed lee will be the ones leading a moment of silence for the advocates including an aids lobbyist, glen thomas with the world health organization, and nurse jacqueline van torgrin. he'll be speaking about their important careers encouraging (that the fight marches on. >> the number of researchers, some of them right here in the bay area i think continue to be strong and been rededicate their everts to the memories of the people that we lost. >> and that moment of silence will take place at about 9:15 tomorrow morning before walk gets under way. they expect over 20,000 people here to participate and expect to raise somewhere around $2.5 million. we're live in golden gate park. i'm derek shore, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. more details on the continuing
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fight against aids. new evidence tonight that hiv rates are declining in the united states. a new study out today from the journal of the american medical association found the rate of hiv has fallen by a third in the u.s. each year. the reason for the decline between 2002 and 2011, not exactly clear. experts say it could be new infections are furor that most cases have been diagnosed. hiv is the virus that causes aids which destroys the immune system. the world health organization estimates 35 million people globally have the virus. >> now to your microclimate forecast. a surprise summer shower this evening. it wasn't much but we got it. it didn't last that long. drivers on 101 had to turn on their windshield wipers for what we're calling a quick minute, a real quick minute. shot in palo alto this evening. meteorologist rob mayeda, we could see maybe more drops
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tomorrow. >> i think so. what's interesting about the weather, you see all lightning we had about a few hours ago. moving from east to west fairly unusual. and around the south bay, around fremont we did have heavier showers around 7:00 tracking off to the west. not much over the bay area, but to the south we're watching another wave that's going to come through as we go into looks like tonight into tomorrow morning. this is very unusual. this is typically the driest time of the year as you go from june, july, into august. instead, obviously, we're seeing some showers right now which is very unusual considering san francisco usually doesn't measure any rain in the month of july. where it comes to climatology, we'll break the rule possibly again tomorrow. mild temperatures outside right now in the 60s. tomorrow, mostly sunny, muggy and yes, a slight chance of seeing a few more scattered showers but depending where you are, you will see varied amounts of shower possibilities. some of the hilltops have the best chance of seeing some
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thunder. we'll talk more about that in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> sounds good. the drought deals another blow to south bay farmers. the san tal clara water district turned off a pipeline that feeds farmers in morgan hill. >>zlp marianne favro joins us f morgan hill with a look at the impact. it sounds drastic, marianne. >> it is. this is one farmer that is f i'm here in andy's orchard in morgan hill. normally, he would get water out of this federal pipeline. and use it to water his fruit trees. but on thursday, the santa clara valley water district cut him off and he's wondering lou he's going to keep his business alive. since 1957, andy tended to his fruit trees in morgan hill relying on federal water from this pipeline to irrigate his 55 acres. now, he can't get a drop. because of the drought, the
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valley water district turned off the pipeline here thursday. >> this is the first time that they've ever turned off our water for an indefinite period of time. >> quite a loss since some days he you had more than 40,000 gallons from the lateral pipeline. now he's forced to rely on well water from a fellow farmer but says that water could dry up any day and he needs extra water to harvest. >> i still have peaches, nectarines and plums on the trees and i have to bring in that harvest. when you do have fruit on the trees, the water is more critical that you have it there, enough of it and on time. >> he says he understands the district's need to conserve but questions why some homes nearby have plenty of water to maintain lush lawns. >> our livelihood depends on having water whereas some of these people just have for landscaping. >> his orchard will limp along he says borrowing water so he can continue to put food on his
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own table and others. marianny says he is also frustrated that even though anderson reservoir is close to his orchard, he is not able to use that water to water his trees. we reached out to the district but were not able to reach them for comment. reporting live in morgan hill, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. new at 11:00, a grieving community gathers to remember the innocent mother killed in a police shoot-out. hundreds of mourners held a vigil in stockton tonight to remember misty holtz sing. bank robbers took her and two others hostage. she died in a police gun battle along with two suspects. her sister talked about the sudden void left by her death. >> she was a loving and caring and kind person who never did harm to anybody. she was always there to take care of the family. >> it's not known if holtz sing
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was killed by gunfire from police or the robs. police are now looking for a fourth suspect to dropped the suspects off at the bank. investigators believe the same robbers targeted the same bank back in january. >> and take a look at this. a car plunging into an embankment in san jose. firefighters called to the scene. they helped pull two people out of the vehicle. both suffered minor injuries. no word on what caused the car to leave the road. >> next at 11:00, controversial take-down caught on camera. this chokehold leads to a suspect's death. >> plus a record payout. why the wife of a smoker is getting billions of dollars from a cigarette company. >> and getting up close and personal with nature. hump backdy8c whales get withint of surfers and boaters. >> nbc bay area wants to help local non-profits build stronger communities.
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new video tonight of an altercation with new york police that led to a man's death after his arrest. take a look. eric garner shown on the cell phone video arguing with police before they finally subdue the 350-pound man with an apparent chokehold. police arrested him on suspicion of selling untaxed cigarettes. garner is heard complaining many times in the video he can't breathe. soon after he suffered a heart attack and died. nypd policy prohibits the use of chokeholds. the that officer has been placed on desk duty and stripped of his
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badge. the mayor has promised a full investigation. and united nations secretary-general ban ki-moon is now headed to the middle east tonight in a new effort to broker a truce in gaza. right now though, there are no signs of a letup as you can see. +ápq&i forces today pounded targets in gaza city and surrounding areas. bulldozers are demolishing what's said to be a web of hamas tunnel networks. israeli residents say the assault has been suffocating to regular palestinians. >> i see that they can't even -- >> now, in the 12 days since the start of the conflict, at least 342 palestinians and five israelis have been killed. >> r.j. reynolds tobacco company is being ordered to pay $23 billion in damages for the death of a smoker a decade ago. it's the largest fine in florida history. jurors in florida announced the
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verdict in a lawsuit filed by a woman whose husband died from lung cancer at the age of 36. he started smoking at the age of 13. jurors are hoping their judgment serves as a message to the companies to avoid deception and not market their products to young people. r.j. reynolds attorney is calling it a runway verdict and violation of florida law. new at 11:00, just when you thought the case may be closed tighter than an oyster shell a new lawsuit is filed to keep the oyster company open. businesses are filing suit arguing that closing the farm will deny access to a critical component of locally harvested oysters. last month the supreme court declined to hear a case to close the company. that closure ask still on track for the end of the morning. the owners are not involved in the new suit. a hearing date has not been set.
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>> i saw a lot of rain drops there on the windshield which is a welcome site. rob has been watching that closely. >> just enough to redo people's car washes. it would be nice to have measurable rainfall. we might see a little bit of that tomorrow. but right now, this is a typical view for this time of year. the fog over san francisco there. but what's atypical about the weather is how humid it is outside. dewpoint's way up. feel maybe more like south texas. close to 60 dewpoints. our temperatures right now in the 60s outside as we've been watching moisture coming in. some thunder earlier which was flaring up over the sierra, and the movement of the moisture from east to west right around sunset as peggy mentioned around san jose up to palo alto, we did have brief showers. right now a few more showers and there will be an opportunity for seeing more to come through tomorrow. right now you can see things tapering off a little bit. we'll see another wave of
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moisture coming in late tonight into tomorrow. with the heating of the day, that may be will stabilize the area just a bit. monsoon moisture the big story here. we've got high pressure off to the east and this easterly wave skirting along the west flank of this high which brought in the showers for us this evening. you can see the moisture coming in out of the south and east. the flow will continue to push the moisture closer to the bay area for tonight which means overnight tonight, we'll have a chance of seeing showers and possibly a little bit more as we get into tomorrow afternoon. one thing you'll notice is it's pretty sticky outside right now. the temperatures around san jose 64 degrees. towards the tri-valley still 66 outside. so as this moisture comes in, it tends to trap some of the heat of the day. it does act a bit like a blanket. lows tonight in the 60s in some spots. for tomorrow, the next wave of clouds coming in during the morning. we will see a few sprinkles for the morning and then the interesting time will be around 2:00 in the afternoon.
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out towards mount hamilton to the south and east of san jose and i think some of the north bay hilltops may see a brief chance of a that your. look at the sierra. once again tomorrow, that's where the core of the that your activity should be. tomorrow night, we'll see more of a southwesterly push aloft which should take the moisture and shove it off toward the east towards monday afternoon. there's still a chance of seeing showers for you tomorrow. you will notice the humidity with the passing showers possible at times. near 78 degrees tomorrow. san francisco the aid walk cog see sprinkles in the morning. temperatures in the 60s 11:00 in the morning. into the north bay, highs in the seventies around santa rosa tomorrow. slight chance of showers. very humid outside and those temperatures around tri-valley for tomorrow in the low 80s. and the temperature trend over the next five days looks to be a bit cooler with increased cloud cover and moisture for tomorrow. high pressure builds in. we lose the humidity and see 90
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degrees temperatures possibly returning to the tri-valley by thursday. so the month of july doesn't see any measurable rainfall hopefully, we see a little bit coming our way for tomorrow. >> good news there. rob, thank you. >> henry wofford joining us from comcast sports net. we've got a couple of first place teams in the area. >> absolutely. peggy, terry, we've got great baseball going on right now. the giants went into the all-star break dazed and confused. similar to how my kids look when they hand me their report cards. they've come out with hot bats. highlights from the south beach. plus the a's 1989 squad was back in the bay saturday. could this year's team put on a good can show for the legends? stick around. sports is next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. after losing 11 of 16 games before the all-star break, and the giants were struggling. it's amazing what a few days off can do to a club because the orange and black appear to be back. let's get highlights for you. giants and marlins. top of the second is where we'll pick things up. tied at one. henner done alvarez with the wild pitch. ta mackia with a wild throw to third. brandon headed home. another wild throw. he's in safe. things are wild and out of control. top of the fourth, hunter pence
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singles to right. giancarlo stanton mishandles the ball. two more runs come in. giants get a victory, 5-3 your final. orioles visiting a's. world series champions honored pregame. rickey henderson and jose canseco, large standing ovation and then a nice tribute to the late bob welch, as well. top of the first, runners at first and second. adam jones kissed this baby good-bye. crushes a home run to left off of jason hammel. 3-0 baltimore. bottom of the third a's down 5-zip. brandon moss says not so fast. he goes yard. his 22nd homer of the year. makes it 5-1, but the a's lose, 8-4 is your final. third round of the open. championship, tiger woods his week getting worse and worse. rickie fowler drains a long birdie putt on 11.
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fowler will play on sunday with rory mcilroy. rory with an incredible finish. eagle putt on 16 finds the bottom of the cup. then his second to the par 5 18th. it is perfectly placed within ten feet of the cup. he showed off on that back nine. mcilroy then cashes in on another eagle. he leads by six entering the final round which will begin in just a few hours. so terry and peggy, take me up on this and follow me in my footsteps. i'm going to let my boss know if you give a team some time off, they do much better. same thing with reporters and anchors. >> i need time off. >> it should not be underestimated. >> he e-mailed me take as much time as you want off. >> he's tried to fire me before. i'm sticking around. >> well, worth it. we're glad you are. thank you so much.
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what would lure these humpback whales so close to shore in the monterrey bay? unusually warm weather and and cho have i buffet. some of the whales coming as close as a quarter mile to shore. ten were spotted yesterday swimming in centers around kayakers near moss landing >çs incredible. the mammals the size of a greyhound bus. they can eat tens of thousands of anchovies in one gulp. something one passenger definitely noticed. she could smell the breath from where she was. >> whale's breath. the new colon. >> beautiful site. you don't see the that the often. >> they're going to be there
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this weekend. >> thanks for watching tonight on bay area news. >> "saturday night live" up next. good night. did you remember to pay the dog sitter? yeah, citi mobile. and deposit that check? citi mobile. pack your bathing suit? wearing it. niiice bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app.
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>> all right, now, uh, give it to me straight. >> well, mr. president, uh, as your press secretary, i have to be honest. it has not been a good week. but on the plus side, you have a state dinner tonight, and all of your biggest supporters are going to be here. >> barack, i hope i'm not


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